In this impersonal world in which more people than ever before leave their home towns or countries to work or live abroad, technology provides an illusion of connectivity In reality, isolation is one of the biggest problems facing people today, from young to old. Used properly, however, technology can be used to foster meaningful personal connection, providing a platform that encourages and enables the formation of communities.


At Ecoliv we use technology to improve existing living spaces and enhance the experience of those who occupy them. New technologies will also play their part in facilitating the construction and management of ever more sustainable buildings.

A sample list of what we are implementing in our properties


Highly insulated with natural recycled materials

Super Fibre broadband with TV & Cat 6 points for each living/bedroom

Nest thermostat

Remote access camera and door system

Re- and upcycled Furnishings and Materials

LED lighting

Movement light detectors to common areas & bathrooms

Community app


Triple glazing

Planting and Herbs Garden

LED lighting to garden

Photovoltaic system

MVHR system

Living Wall

Our systems make it possible to grow real and eco-conscious communities of like-minded people with shared values. Our buildings are as environmentally sustainable as is economically feasible
– clean, safe spaces that offer comfort, security and above all else, a sense of belonging. We take the best of technology to turn houses into homes.

Community App

Living Wall

Nest Thermostat

Photovoltaic System