A new way of Living

EcoLiv is changing the way we think about our communities in the West. Modern city living has crowded out the once familiar communal way of life, in which families shared living space across generations, and neighbours were on hand to help, support and simply connect with one another. In many Eastern cultures, this is a highly effective and indeed healthy way of living, in which no individual is left to struggle alone and where everyone belongs to a community and, for the most part, shares its values.

Living as part of a community is known to help us lead better lives socially and professionally, and promote general health and wellbeing. However, globalisation has made it ever harder to find this sense of community in the West. Contemporary living, in fast-paced, high-tech cities makes establishing connections difficult. Family members often live far apart from one another and cannot easily make themselves available. Many people don’t even know who their neighbours are, let alone offer or receive support from them.

We believe a living space can and should encourage genuine, face-to-face connection, and be a platform for support, friendship and happiness. Our goal is to promote communities of like-minded people living cohesively and supporting each other to make a better future for themselves – and through a shared commitment to reducing energy usage and waste – for the planet.